5 Quotes From Renowned Polar Explorers That Will Motivate You to Chase Your Goals and Conquer Any Challenge

5 quotes from renowned polar explorers

When you chase a big dream, you face many difficulties and challenges.

Keeping up the momentum takes a lot of work.

But don’t let the setbacks discourage you. 

Whenever you need inspiration, remember these five quotes and let them fuel your passion and determination.

1️⃣ “Through endurance, we conquer.” ~ Ernest Shackleton 

When encountering obstacles, consider the polar explorers who endured harsh conditions and extreme dangers. With perseverance and courage, they achieved their goals.

2️⃣ “It is better to go skiing and think of God than go to church and think of sport.” ~ Fridtjof Nansen

 I love this quote because it expresses the joy and spirituality of polar exploration and the preference for action over words.

3️⃣ “The questions are always more important than the answers.” ~ Ernest Shackleton

This quote inspires me because it reflects the curiosity and passion for knowledge that drives polar explorers to seek discoveries and insights.

4️⃣ “Why then do we feel this strange attraction for these Polar Regions, a feeling so powerful and lasting that when we return home, we forget the mental and physical hardships and want nothing more than to return to them?” ~ Jean-Baptiste Charcot

This quote moves me because it expresses the allure and wonder of polar regions that enchant, stimulate, fascinate, and inspire polar explorers.

5️⃣ “If you’re a leader, a fellow that other fellows look to, you’ve got to keep going.” ~ Ernest Shackleton

This quote impresses me because it shows the leadership and accountability of polar explorers who have to lead and inspire their teams in challenging circumstances.

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